Friday, September 17, 2010

A Wonderful Visit!

Over 6,000 miles, seven states, and a lot of wonderful people later, we are now back in Monterrey...and life in ministry goes on!  We do thank you all so much--those of you who housed us, helped us, met with us or even simply prayed for us--thank you so much for your love and your encouragement during our too-brief "home visit."

We did get to spend time with family in Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky...and after two years being away, that was great.  We got to eat our favorite foods, float down a mountain river, and just do "nothing" for a bit with our family.  And, that was just what the doctor ordered.

Then, we were able to meet with wonderful friends and churches and others who have walked beside us over the years.  And, we got to make some new friends around the South.  We are so blessed to have so many friends!  Here are some of the folks we got to spend time with:

Coosa UMC - Blairsville, GA

Devereux UMC - Devereux, GA

Poplar Springs Baptist Church - Webb, AL

Calhoun First UMC - Calhoun, GA (Here presenting Jesse with a scholarship for college!)

Winslette Chapel UMC - Newton, AL

We are so, so grateful to you all for your love, your support and your encouragement.  Thank you for the grand welcome, for the time you gave to us.  We go forward in ministry here with greater confidence know that you are praying for us and walking with us...spiritually!  May the Lord bless you all, in every way...!

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