Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Herrins in Mission–June Update!

Dear Friends and Family…
We’re here!! Well, that means that we are now on the US side of the border, in our new place, settling into our new lives. Our last month in Monterrey was amazing, crazy, wonderful, exhausting. We were able to finish out our semesters at the Seminary and Laurens…and we finished well. We had a wonderful yet difficult time seeing all our friends at the end and saying good-byes. In the midst of it all, we were able to celebrate and rejoice in all that YOU helped to bring to pass….
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Above pix from various good-byes and farewells…
The John Wesley Methodist Seminary has a new copier!! Thank you…to all of you who gave towards this great need in the seminary office. But, you need to know that you didn’t just give the office a copier! In giving the office a new copier, we were able to move the old, slow, somewhat functional copier to the library for the students! And, since some funds came in after the purchase had been made, we were able to use those funds for the betterment of the seminary--we were able to purchase large fans for the classrooms! Can you imagine what a difference that makes in a city where the high-temps from April through September hover around 110F?? Wow! The classrooms will now be SO much more comfortable…the students have access to a copier…and the office for the first time has a machine that copies, scans and prints…ALL IN ONE! Thank you, thank you, thank you all for your incredible gifts....
Last Monts in Mexico 056
Panchita and Itzeel with their beloved new copier/printer!
The Laurens Institute is going to have reading corners for all of their primary students this Fall…for the first time ever! We have already handed over more than 1,200 books…and we have eight more boxes waiting for us to take down in two weeks!! Thank you, thank you, thank you…to all who have given so generously, who have given so many wonderful and different types of books. Because you have given, we are hoping to see a generation of students who learn to love and appreciate reading. We are part of that great host of believers who are called “people of the Book”…and it may be that one, ten or fifty! of these students will someday open THE Book and find the way of faith because of your faithfulness.
Last Monts in Mexico 053
Above: Gainesville First UMC sent enough bi-lingual Bibles this year that we could give a copy to our students at the teachers’ college!  Thank YOU!!
We hope you all received our last e-update and you know that we have relocated to the US/Mexican border ( We are in a time of deep soul-searching as we adjust to this new life. While some aspects of ministry are very clear, others are not. We plan to continue serving through education and community relationships...but we wonder if there are other areas of ministry for us as well. Please continue to pray for us, to support us, to drop your notes of encouragement as we find our new lives and ministry here.
zinnia 041
In front of our home in McAllen….
As always, we thank you and love you. We hope that you are doing well…that this is a good summer for you all as you work, rest, play, build, plow, till, paint, wash, rake, cut, plant—whatever it is that you do this summer. May God reveal Himself to you…may you know His presence in your life…and may you share the blessings that God has given you.

With great thanksgiving for all you have done and will do to change and shape the lives of others,
Jon and Jeanne
Jesse, Megan and Andrew
3909 Zinnia Avenue 
McAllen, Texas 78504

Friday, June 24, 2011

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