Saturday, June 28, 2008


I know, I know...I´ve been away too long, and you probably thought I have given up doing blog entries. But, I´m back! And, boy am I BACK!

What has happened since last I wrote??

We made a hasty and difficulty exit from Venezuela--a beautiful country filled with loving and beautiful people. We left our home, our friends and our ministry there. Few things have been more difficult in my life...I rank it up there with the death of my father.

But, God is good...and faithful and gracious. While we arrived in the US in mid-May feeling as if our very lives had been sucked out, we came through.

In early June, the girls and I went to Monterrey where I participated in a conference...and the girls got to simply "be." In their time of "being," they fell in love with Monterrey and the wonderful people they met. In short, the huge and seemingly bottomless vacuum left in our souls with our leaving Venezuela was partially filled...and the girls are now ready to get on with living in México! That is good news.

Towards the end of June, Jeanne and I got to take a week up at Fairhaven Ministries ( Located in the mountains of east Tennessee, this retreat center exists to help pastors, missionaries, church workers to rest, recover, renew...or whatever the need is. For Jeanne and me, it was a time of recovery and renewal...and preparation. Just what the Dr. ordered!

Now, we count down the days until we get to Monterrey...and we should arrive there around July 15th. May the days pass quickly!