Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where We Serve (Part 1) - El Instituto Laurens

Many of you know that we serve in two places here in Monterrey.  Many of our previous pictures have given you glimpses of El Seminario Metodista Juan Wesley, but you've not seen much of our other place of work.  I've decided to run two entries about where we work.  This weekend, El Instituto Laurens....

El Instituto Laurens (The Laurens Institute) was founded 125 years ago by a Methodist minister from Virginia who saw a need to provide an education for families with parents who traveled all over northern Mexico/south Texas.  This new school would allow the children to remain in one place while the parents moved about, here and there--wherever there was a crop to harvest or a building to be built.

One hundred and twenty-five years later, El Instituto Laurens is a prominent, known educational institution in Monterrey, Mexico.  They now have two campuses and over 1,000 students!!  Many of those students are on scholarship, allowing them access to a better education.

Jeanne teaches in the High School (known here as "preparatoria" or simply "prepa") and in the Teachers' College (la Licenciatura en Educación Bilingüe...the Bilingual Education Program).  Between her three classes, she has some 40 students.  Jon teaches on in the Teachers' College...teaching courses in English Grammar, Written and Oral Communication and la Filosofía de la Educación (Philosophy of Education).  In his three classes, he has some 45 students.  So, just in El Instituto Laurens, we are interacting with and impacting some 70+ lives!! (We share the students of one class--they get a double-whammy of the Herrins! ha, ha).

Here are some pictures of the school from our apartment...which is a part of the Laurens campus:

The High School and Teachers' College building on the Monterrey Campus of El Instituto Laurens

A view of the neighborhood around the school.

A view at sunrise...students and teachers are already on the scene!

A bit of the city, as seen from our front porch.

And, of course, the buildings are nothing without people.  Here are some scenes for our ministry with these wonderful young people:

Jeanne with one of her high-school classes...non-stop fun!

Where real-life happens...       

...teaching, guiding and sharing.

Jon with the teachers and staff of the Teachers' College  

Sharing, learning, educating...
...grammar offers life-lessons as well, when taught with purpose!

Second Year students...future teachers of Mexico!

In our next blog entry, we'll return to El Seminario Metodista Juan Wesley...and let you see what life there looks like.  We thank you all for your on-going prayers and support of the ministry here--your prayers and gifts allow us to touch, no--IMPACT lives here in a wonderful way.  Let's go forward, impacting the lives of those around us....

The Herrins in Monterrey....

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