Friday, October 18, 2013

Who Stole "Halloween" from Whom?

When I find a good read, one that speaks to rather pertinient issues, I'm happy to share such finds with others.  In the link below, I have finally found a voice of reason that speaks to the issue of Halloween.  Better yet, the author is from outside our American culture, so he doesn't come with all the biases and blather that our own tend to bring to the topic.

The article is a little on the long side (over 1000 words!)--not a quick, fluff read.  But, if one truly wants to be an educated Christian who can speak intelligently to these kinds of issues, we sometimes just have to do a little work...or, as in this case, reading.

"The idea that Christians "stole" [Halloween] from pagans, therefore, seems pretty far-fetched.  In fact the evidence seems to point the other way: the neopagans seem to have unintentionally "stolen" it from the Christians...."