Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter in Monterrey!

Well, how cold could it really get in Mexico, right??  Ha!  Well, this morning when we got up, it was 24ºF outside...and only 56º inside!!!  A little while ago, we had snow flurries!!!

Like most Mexican houses and apartments, we have no heat in the house.  We get up and put on sweats and jackets, hats and scarves...and that's just to make breakfast!  Going outside requires one more layer....

And, it's not just houses and apartments--hardly any buildings have heating!  Since we get so little cold weather, it just isn't economically justifiable to install costly heating systems that may or may not be used every year.  And, when these cold times come, they don't stay too long--we're supposed to be back up into the 70's by Sunday or Monday...just three days from now.  Meanwhile...we suffer a bit!

I wanted you to see how we, here's a picture of my class at the teachers' college yesterday.  These are some of my third-year students...and we were working on the composition basics...:

Yes, coats, hats, gloves...and it was cold!!

Karla and Anakaren just try to stay warm by staying close!
So, remember--when you see that it's cold in our part of the world...that means cold inside and out!!  But, if 5,000,000 other residents of Monterrey can handle, then we can, too!!  Hot tea...and lost of moving around!!  Good's up to 28º!!! 

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