Friday, March 20, 2009

Herrin Kids...Going Stong!!

This week, ANDREW participated with his primary school choir in the regional "Himno Nacional" competition...and his choir of 15 students took THIRD PLACE!!! GO ANDREW!!! Over 20 schools participated in the event...and many of them had 25+ students. However, with great thanks to Andrew's very capable choir director, Marcela Valenzuela, and to the attention and dedication of the students, the Laurens Primiary Choir was able to march away smiling with 3rd place.

Megan and Jesse are doing great as well! Megan took 3rd place over-all academically in her class, and Jesse is in second place academically in her class. Megan continues to practice every Saturday with the theatre group at school...getting ready for their May production of the musical, _Hairspray_....

We are SOOOOO proud of our wonderful children...and we just had to share it all with you!

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